RIP Big Brother

So the hard drive that held all my pictures, my music, my movies, and my Sims save files suddenly died last week. I’m in the process if installing windows to another hard drive and getting my computer back but everything that was on the old hard drive is gone. It’s pretty unfortunate, but I suppose this is a lesson learned the hard way. I’ll start backing up my save files every week so I won’t lose my legacies next time something like this happens. Thanks to everyone that followed my blogs and read my silly legacies. I hope you guys enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed playing them. I’ll be posting this on all my blog pages, so I apologize if you see this message multiple times. I hope to be back with a new legacy soon, so look out for a post about a new blog.



Leonard took an early lead in the painting challenge, winning the most points and setting himself up above his housemates. Sam landed herself in second place and the rest of the house guests tied for third.

Let’s see what the house is up to!


Sam wakes up first on Sunday morning.

She starts making herself food after getting dressed.

Samali wakes up next.

She heads over to Sam and says good morning.

Sebastian and Leonard wake up a few minutes apart.

Sunday is a leisure day, so the house guests are allowed to dance as much as they want and socialize with each other.

Sammy wakes up a couple hours after the rest of the house.

She and Leonard share a good morning hug.

Sebastian brandishes his neat trait and mops the kitchen floor.

Heather makes some food for the house. She tends to cook group meals while everyone else only cooks single servings.

This week’s challenge has been revealed. The house guests must work on their athletic trait starting Monday.

The bathroom is still the resident hot-spot, much to Leonard’s dismay.

Samali seems to have contracted some sort of dizziness illness.

Since a computer is not permitted in the Big Brother house, the house guests can’t order medicine. I read that tea can help cure illnesses so I buy the house a tea maker.

Everyone loves to dance.

Sam and Sebastian chat by the fireplace.

Sammy has caught Samali’s illness.

Samali’s illness has gone away on it’s own.

Thankfully Sammy makes some tea and gets her illness to back off.

Sebastian is nauseated from an unknown illness.

Leonard has a headache from an unknown illness.

Leonard also hasn’t been wanting to shower.

Sunday ends with everyone in bed.


Sam is the first house guest to wake up.

The challenge area has been opened.
If no one autonomously uses the treadmills, I’ll make them all use them once a day. I’d like everyone to have a fair shot and it’s unfortunate that Sims in this game aren’t as autonomous as in Sims 3.

Heather and Sam have breakfast together.

Samali makes herself some food.

Sebastian got to the stove before Samali.

Heather and Sam dance, having finished their breakfast.

A fire has started on the lot!
Sebastian’s breakfast has set him on fire!
As per game rules, I cannot interfere.

Heather quickly whips out a fire extinguisher and starts fighting the fire.

Sebastian is saved.

Heather feels quite confident after saving her house-mate’s live.

Samali is sick again.

Heather is addicted to coffee.

She just finished the cup in the last picture, now she’s getting another.

Leonard and Sammy dance.

Sebastian and Samali are still quite stressed from the fire.

I have no notes about this but I think Heather is dazed from too much coffee?

Sebastian autonomously heads over to the treadmills and starts working out. This prompts me to send everyone else in after him.

Monday’s required run has started.

Heather is the first to end her workout. She was quite tired when she started.

Sebastian ends his workout next and heads over to Sammy to chat with her while she runs.

Samali stops running next and heads over to Sam to chat.

Leonard and Sam stop working out a few minutes apart.

Sammy stops working out last.

Heather gets the giggling illness and is excruciatingly fatigued after working out.

Sam has a cold, which comes with some spots.

Sebastian is feverish.

Sammy catches the dizziness illness again.

Sammy and Samali stay up all night and at 2:30 in the morning dance.

Heather wakes up and feels quite sore after yesterday’s workout.

Heather and Samali chat while Sammy makes a group meal.

The house guests all eat together. I think Sebastian might still be sleeping.

Sammy gets sick again, probably from staying up all night.

Thankfully she heads to bed for a nap.

Sam dances and Heather heads over to join her.

Heather is sick again. Seems like everyone keeps getting sick.

After napping, Sammy autonomously makes her way to the treadmill to run.

Everyone else is too uncomfortable to run, so I let them dance.

Sammy has some coffee after her run ends.

As the rest of the house autonomously dances, Sammy heads over for another session on the treadmill.

I send everyone else to run with her.

After running, Samali and Sammy take naps on the couch.

Sam, Heather and Leonard hang out in the dining area.

Leonard has an itchy bug.

Tuesday ends with everyone sleeping but Sebastian. He’s making himself food.


At 1:15 in the morning, Sebastian autonomously works out.

Around mid-day, the treadmills will be switched out for weights. The house guests will have two required workouts, once on the treadmill, and once on the weights.

Heather and Samali hang out in the kitchen.

Sammy makes tea.

Sammy and Heather have lunch together.

Workout 1 complete.

The equipment has been switched out.

A few hours later, the house guests work out again.

Sammy and Heather hang out after working out.

Sam and Sebastian hang out.

Wednesday ends.


Leonard wakes up stinky and hungry.

Samali somehow pops out of the big brother house.
I put a door near her and send her back in.

The house doesn’t do much this morning.

The house works out for the day.

Immediately after working out, most of the house starts socializing again.

Leonard naps.

Dancing is still a favorite activity.

Heather eats a microwave pastry.

Everyone dances and Leonard heads to the bathroom.

Unfortunately Heather was already in there.

Heather joins the dance group afterward, though she looks quite upset.

Leonard feels a bit more embarrassed about the situation.

As most of the house heads to bed, Sebastian and Leonard have a bit of guy-time.

Leonard heads to bed as Sebastian and Sam make themselves a midnight snack.


Sammy is the first to wake up.

She makes a group meal so Heather and Samali join her for breakfast as they wake up.

The girls start to dance as they wait for the rest of the house to wake up.

When everyone wakes up and meets their needs, the daily workout starts. The house guests are allowed to autonomously work out for the rest of the day but the challenge area will close at midnight.

After working out, the house gets back to what they usually do.

Sebastian and Leonard clean up around the house.

Heather and Sam hang out.

This happens a lot.

I put some treadmills back in the house and had the house guests work out again since they really didn’t autonomously work out at all.

The challenge ends after this workout and the challenge area is closed off.

Sebastian got 5 skill points (20 points)
Sammy got 4 skill points (15 points)
Samali, Leonard, Heather and Sam all got 3 skill points (10 points)

It’s Saturday, which means Field Trip day.

The house guests head over to a local bar for some food, drinks and socializing.

Sam and Sammy get some chips and salsa.

Everyone gets situated and it looks like Samali found a way to dance.

Leonard gets himself a drink at the bar.

Which prompts Sammy and Samali to join him.

Sebastian and Sam hang out with some locals.

Leonard, Heather and Sam find the television.

Sam decides to dance and Sammy joins Heather and Leonard on the couch to watch TV.

Everyone has one more drink before it starts getting late.

Everyone is home and tired.

Everyone heads to bed except for Sam and Sebastian, who decide to stay up late tonight.

Tune in next time to see what next week’s challenge is! Thanks for reading! Remember to check out the Points! page to see who is in the lead!


Welcome to the Big Brother house! As you can see, my talent for building large rectangles for houses has finally come in handy. I didn’t really take any tour pictures since the house doesn’t have much too it. You’ll see it all in due time. Let’s get started!

The house guests start getting acquainted with each other. If you aren’t sure of who everyone is, please make sure to check out the contestants page.

As you can see, Samali, Heather and Sam all have the same hair. I didn’t really take that into consideration until after I finished the cover photo. I did end up giving them all new hair later on.

I guess I took a picture of the house layout after all. As you can see, there’s not much to it.

The rules I’m following are set for the sims 3, but I’m doing my best to follow them in this game. One of the rules is that a fireplace has to be lit during the day. I need a sim to light it, so I will control a random sim every morning to light the fireplace. I promise I won’t be controlling the sims for much of anything.

The bathroom has become a popular hangout spot. I also took the picture to show that Samali and Heather both have new hair.

As does Sam. Hopefully you ladies like the hair, but if you don’t, I can change it :).

The first week’s challenge will be painting and it will start on Monday morning and end Friday night. Basically the sims have to autonomously build their painting skill for the week and they’ll be given points according to their ranking.
Saturday and Sunday will be recreation days, so the challenge area will be fenced off.

Leonard has been playing games on his phone since he lit the fireplace and Heather decided that a couch would be a perfect place to nap.

Sebastian decided that Sam just has to see his perfect push up technique.
Sam seems uninterested.

Sammy and Samali hang out in the bathroom.

Sam gets tired of Sebastian showing off how athletic his is and decides to join the girl-talk in the bathroom.

Sebastian gets bored and joins them.

Heather and Leonard enjoy the fireplace and chit-chat.

Sebastian had to pee, so he kicked Sam, Samali and Sammy out of the house.

He was able to pee in peace.

Samali decides to make herself a meal. I was wondering when someone was going to use the kitchen.

The house guests keep themselves occupied on their free day.

Samali finishes cooking her meal but sets it down for a moment and Sam swipes it.

After eating, Sam walks in on Sammy on the toilet. They’re both quite embarrassed.
Fun fact: Sammy’s in the bed back there.

Everyone hangs out at the dining area before sims start slowly heading to bed.

Sammy and Sebastian seem like they’re going to be up for a while.

Everyone finds a place to sleep.

While Sammy and Sebastian chat at the dining area.
(I should point out that while Sebastian is my husband in real life, no one in this household has come in with pre-existing relationships)

Heather wakes up from her 3rd or 4th nap of the day and seems ready to be up the rest of the night.

Sebastian heads to bed.

Sammy finds Heather and they chat in the sitting area.

At around 2:40 in the morning, Sammy heads to bed.

Heather is still up.

Heather, who was up all night, makes herself breakfast as Leonard wakes up.

Heather is assigned to light the fireplace this morning.

The challenge area has now been opened. The easels will be free to use until all the sims go to bed on Friday night.
Instead of checking out the easels, Heather heads to the bedroom to have a nap.

While Heather naps, Samali, Leonard and Sam start their day. Sammy and Sebastian are still in bed after being up late.

It’s around 10 am and everyone is awake but Sammy.

Sammy wakes up around noon.

Nothing much happens on Monday. No one touches the easels and I read around and figure out that sims in this game won’t mess with a skilling item unless they already have a skill point for it.

It’s about 10:30 pm, Heather, Samali and Sam are in bed.

The easels remain untouched.

Sebastian and Sammy seem to be having another late night.


Just as Sammy heads to bed, Sam wakes up with a full bladder. It’s about 4 in the morning.

After another almost full day of no painting, I end up making everyone start a painting at the same time. This will hopefully get them to paint on their own. If not, I’ll make them paint one painting every day.

Leonard is the first to reach level 2 in the painting skill.

Everyone finishes their first painting.

While the rest of the house dances, Leonard starts on a painting autonomously.

The day ends with Leonard in the lead with 2 skill points. Everyone else just has one.


The day starts off quite casual with Heather and Leonard chatting over breakfast.

At this point it was around 1:30 and no one has touched the easels.

Everyone decides that working on their social game is more important.

Also naps.

At 5:30 pm I make everyone paint another painting.

After finishing their one required painting for the day, Heather, Samali and Sam start on an autonomous painting.

Sammy starts one an hour later.

Leonard also joins in on the fun.

It’s the next morning and everyone is starting their day.

Leonard starts an autonomous painting.

After finishing, he starts another one immediately after.

If their fun meter is too low, they won’t do anything skill-worthy so I allow the sims to dance before having to start their one required painting.

Sam starts her required painting quickly.

Then everyone else joins.
(Leonard started his smaller painting a few minutes before everyone started their required painting, if people were wondering about the size of it.)

Sammy and Sebastian dance
Heather and Samali have a meal together.

Leonard and Sam start autonomously paint.

As the day ends, other sims start following Leonard and Sam’s example and paint a bit on their own.

Heather heads to bed first.

Samali sneaks one more painting in before heading to bed with the rest of the house.

The sims all make me happy with how much they paint on their own so on Friday I won’t make them paint at all.


Sam wakes up bright and early at 6:30 and paints.

Heather makes everyone grilled cheese for breakfast.

The house guests all have a meal together.

Heather, Sebastian, Sam and Samali hang out by the stereo.

Leonard paints while others dance.

Leonard is on a roll, starting a painting as soon as he finishes one.

Leonard paints, Heather naps, and everyone else dances.

Sam and Sammy break it down.

Samali decides to dance with Sammy next.

One of Leonard’s paintings that needed to be documented.

Heather makes another group meal for the house.

Sammy’s clumsiness shines through as she drops a dish in the sink.

Friday ends, as well as the first week’s challenge.

1st Place – Leonard [5 skill points earned] – 20 points
2nd Place – Sam [4 skill points earned] – 15 points
3rd Place – Sammy, Heather, Samali, Sebastian [3 skill points earned] – 10 points

Saturday is field trip day, so the house guests make their way to the local park to socialize and have a break.

A bumble bee 😀

Sebastian finds a grill and grills up some fruit.

Sammy and Samali make their way to the books.

Sam finds the chess set.
(I doubt I’ll have a Logic challenge, so it’s okay for the sims to gain logic points here)

Heather reads.

Sammy and Samali take a selfie.

Leonard gets verbally assaulted by a random townie.

The Pancake couple try to socialize with the Big Brother household.

Samali and Sam hang out.

Samali gazes at clouds.

Sam internally debates on whether her opponent dyes his hair or if it’s natural.

Leonard, Sammy and Sebastian hang out.

Sebastian enjoys some of the fruit he grilled earlier.

The outing ends with lots of happy sims.

The house guests get back home and immediately start dancing together.

Saturday ends with everyone in bed but Heather, who decides that dancing on her own is way more fun than sleeping.

Next time, the house guests will see what their second challenge is.
I’ll make a page for points so everyone can keep up with how the sims are doing. Thanks so much for reading! ❤


Hello all and welcome to Big Brother! A game where six simselves move into the house and compete to win internet fame! You will be able to watch as these six sims are set to autonomously build skills and popularity and come out on top! Keep an eye on the Contestants page. I’ll be posting the cast for this season and posting a link to their blogs. Make sure to check them out so you can really get to know who you’ll be watching!

Hello to all!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the beginning of Big Brother: Sims 4 Edition. This is just a welcoming message. No REAL chapters will be posted until I have all eight contestants. I will also have a nice cover photo for the blog as well, when I have sims to put in the picture…